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A child poses for a picture with a moneky at Jungle IslandJungle Island
See the albino alligator at Jungle Island in Miami, FlJungle Island
A couple pets and holds a penguin at Jungle IslandJungle Island
Jungle Island allows you to interact with animalsJungle Island
Interact with Kangaroos at Jungle IslandJungle Island

Jungle Island

Discover your wild side on Jungle Island! Step into a lush, tropical jungle and mingle with birds, monkeys, and the world’s most rare creatures. Jungle Island is home to animal wonders like Hercules, a 900-pound liger and Peanut and Pumpkin, our twin orangutans. See spectacular animal shows including Winged Wonders, featuring the most lethal bird on the planet, and Tale of the Tiger, highlighting the world’s most rare cats. Then, cuddle up to kangaroos, penguins, lemurs and so much more.

Call to reserve an exclusive VIP Safari Tour or private animal encounter. Uncover a jungle full of fun today! Open from 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday and 10am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Events & Exhibits Times:

  • Flamingo View - 75 coral-colored Flamingos and beautifully-hues bougainvillea gracefully surround Flamingo Lake. You can view the Flamingo feeding from the Lakeside Cafe terrace overlooking Flamingo Lake (Location: Flamingo Lake).
  • Kangaroo Konnection - Get up and personal with kangaroos (Location: Kangaroo Paddock)
  • Lorikeet Aviary + Feed the Lorikeets - Visit the beautiful and funny rainbow colored parrots in their open air aviary. Black-winged, Ornate, Rosenbergs Lorikeets and many more.
  • Manu Encounter - Fashioned after the clay cliffs in Manu, Peru. This is an interactive experience with Squirrel Monkeys, free-flying Macaws and Parrots as well as other exotic animals. Animal Care Trainers will remain present to answer questions relating to this exhibit (Location: Manu Encounter).
  • Monkey Chat - Come experience the hilarious actions and reactions of Jake and Hanna, the amazing and smart orangutans. Capuchin monkeys, Saimang and Gibbons swing into action too. (Location: Primate Area)
  • Everglades Habitat & Walk - Make your way across a true replica of the Florida Everglades. You might even witness the feeding habits of resident alligators!
  • Feed the birds around the park - Many of the magnificent birds enjoy being fed by you. You will find them along the jungle paths with food dispensers at each location.
  • Interact with Trainers and Animals - As you wonder through the park, you will encounter trainers who host an assortment of animals. Touch, ask questions, and make friends.
  • Liger Habitat - Part lion, part tiger and 900 pounds of pure animal. He stands almost 12-feet tall and is the largest cat in the world. He's the king of Jungle Island!
  • Penguin Exhibit - South African penguins are so adorable. Come see these little friends swim and waddle around their penguin pool.
  • Tortoise Exhibit - You will be astonished at the size of these giant tortoises. Some males grow to 500 pounds and can live for 150 years.
  • Posing Area presented by Kodak - Smile! And don't forget to take a famous picture with one of the beautiful and colorful parrots.